MINI JAMBOX by Jawbone Review

MINI JAMBOX by Jawbone Review

MINI JAMBOX by Jawbone Review

MINI JAMBOX is such a beautiful portable Bluetooth speaker device, its sound is not only smoother, but also louder. You can carry this speaker anywhere you want. So the entertainment will not be restricted to your room. Its size is perfect to fit in your pocket, you can easily pull this portable device to your small pocket. MINI JAMBOX is very small and light weight. The sound quality is not only crystal-clear, but also louder. Considering the tiny dimension, you will be thrilled with the quality of its sound. Multiple colors and designs make this speaker popular to the people. Amazing colorful design caught any man eyes.

You will get 10 hours of continuous wireless playback, crystal-clear sound, wireless sound with Bluetooth 4.0 which good enough for every day’s life. Anyone can check the battery status right from his/her smartphone. Ultra-slime enclosure makes this speaker easy to put your pocket. There is no use of cheap plastic material to this at all. This portable Bluetooth speaker is the combination of loudness and lightness.

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There are small rubber fit in each corner of the speaker that helps you keep it stationary even at elevated volumes. Its build quality is just like iPhone 5, very solid and heavy. The sound is loud enough to work in the shower, traveling which are the places you may need the volume.  This mini Jambox has enough volume to provide soft background music in your living room when you are chatting with your guest. One new feature you must love that it finally has a “skip song” button. If you want to skip any song you can press the skip song button that is next to the volume buttons twice. Press three times and it skips back.

You may think that it’s a bit of high price, but after using few days you must find it to be totally worth it. You must say that how this small device provides such a quality and crystal-clear sound. On the other hand, if you like “Bose sound” this device probably is not suitable for you. If you like something like clean sound, this speaker is a good choice.

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Advantage of MINI JAMBOX by Jawbone Review

  1. Mini jambox by jawbone is small enough to fit in your pocket that’s why you it goes anywhere whereever you go.
  2. It has 10 hour battery life which is littile bit better than others speaker also it is crystal-clear, wireless sound with bluetooth 4.0.
  3. Mini Jambox by jawbone built in speakerphone lets you take calls on the go.
  4. There is another great advantage of this speaker which is  Activate Multi Play to connect two MINI JAMBOX speakers for twice the sound. Team up with a friend to alternate songs and DJ effortlessly
  5. It is Personalize MINI JAMBOX with the Jawbone app.

Final Verdict

So, At the end I think this is one of the best product on the market which is suitable for all ages people. It has great features which obligate the people to love this product especially. Also, it has 1247 customer positive reviews with 4.3 out of 5 stars. So, there is no doubt that this is one of the best product on the market.

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Mustafijur Rahman