Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews 2016 with a Comparison Chart

Most, if not all people, only want the best in life – even on the smallest of things – forinstance best portable Bluetooth speakers. Having the best is something that everyone treasures. It can boost one’s self-esteem and pride. Having the best can definitely shape one’s lifestyle. In light of that, many inventions were made from the innovative minds of those people to answer to this demand.

Speaking of Bluetooth portable speakers, speakers are usually used even before as a way to enhance the volume and the music quality of most media players, which cannot give you total satisfaction possibly because they only handle low volumes for music. There were speakers for this issue before, but they are usually large to give good and satisfactory sound quality. However, those are heavy to carry and you cannot bring it anywhere you want. This is the reason why the innovative minds of the people around the world are shrugged and they then studied the best way to address this concern. The best solution handed out by them is the use of a “Portable Bluetooth Speaker”.

Comparison Chart Of Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Hopefully, You will choose your right and Best Portable Bluetooth speaker already. But If you still now fall in the confusion that which is the best one for you then here is short list below. Just read this hope it will helps you to choose your right product.

SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker: The SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker provides crystal-clear and full range natural sound from an advance audio device. It’s a portable device with small and light. So, you can go with music anywhere you want to go. The rechargeable battery provides up to seven hours of playing time.

SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker pairs easily with your smartphone or any other Bluetooth devices within the 30 feet range. You might not imagine that how this small speaker provides such a quality sound, it’ll add something new to your lifestyle. It has the Rechargeable battery which plays up to 7 hours. So, it's great facilities of this product.For knowing more just Read full review here

95 %
Positive Ratings
Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears BOOM: Ultimate ears boom is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. The Ultimate Ears BOOM makes you easy to play music you love anywhere you want. The 360-degree speaker produces huge sound in any place.

And water resistance and strain resistance and 15 hours battery life make you always ready to play music for whenever the night takes you. Ultimate Ears BOOM connects two wireless devices at a time.

This is called the ultimate social music player. Average Battery life of Ultimate ears booms wireless speaker of more than 14 hours. Which are exceptional features of thisspeaker. For more about this product just Read full review here

88 %
Positive Ratings
Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless

Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black

The UE MINI BOOM is the small speaker that provides amazingly bold, jaw-dropping sound with deep bass and clear sound. Anyone can connect two UE MINI BOOM’s together in stereo via the simple UE MINI BOOM app. The rechargeable battery life is 10 hours that pump out of party-driving beats.

It enables you to stream music by any Bluetooth device from up to 50 ft. It is very simple to control and a crystal-clear speak phone. It would be the perfect choice for your lifestyle. Read Full Reviews

89 %
Positive Ratings


The Logitech UE Mobile Boombox would be the excellent choice who lives for music and want to take it everywhere. It easily connects to yourfavourite Bluetooth devices from up to 50 ft away and you can also enjoycrystal-clear, rich music. It also connects two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Two full-range drivers andpassive radiator for big deliver pure and detailed sound. Logitech UE Mobile Boombox has 10 hours rechargeable battery. It’s amazingly portable so you can always travel with unlimited music.Also It has some special features than all other speakers. Read full review here

92 %
Positive Ratings
Logitech UE Boombox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Logitech UE Boombox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The MINI JAMBOX by Jawbone would your beautiful choice to play music, games, and movies in the perfect way to any experience. It is not a matter where you are. It’s a small enough to put in your pocket.

MINI JAMBOX’s body is made for unreal music sound with ultra-style. It’s easy to connect your Bluetooth device, clear sound and 10 hours battery life. This little guy producesbig sound which makes this product popular on Amazon. You can easily buy it fromamazon in cheap price. For some specialfeatures you must love it. Read full review here

89 %
Positive Ratings
MINI JAMBOX by Jawbone

MINI JAMBOX by Jawbone

JBL Charge: The JBL Charge would be another speaker for your mobile device and tablet. Built-in, high-capacity rechargeable battery provide more the 12 hours playback time. I can also charge your mobile to another mobile via built-in USB cable.

The JBL Charge provides clean sound and exceptional bass. JBL Charge wirelessly streams audio from any bloodroot device. It’s durable, easy to set up with bloodroot and portable design let you take JBL Charge anywhere you go. For more details about this item just Read full review here

94 %
Positive Ratings
JBL Charge Portable wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Charge Portable wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SoundFreaq SFQ-04 Bluetooth: Soundfreaq sfq-04 Bluetooth is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. The SoundFreaq SFQ-04 Bluetooth Speaker is another choice for you if you like to have the stereo speaker for wireless sound from any compatible device. It would the perfect companion for your laptop, iPod, iPad, MP3 player, or any other Bluetooth devices for its amazing stereo sound and advanced technology.

The sound quality of movie and music looks like lively on your portable device. It is light weight, good battery and much better than average sound accordion to size. Also, it has the Rechargeable internal battery which up to 7 hours play time. Also, like this, there are lots of important features of this product. So, just knowing that just Read full review here

86 %
Positive Ratings
Soundfreaq Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker

Soundfreaq SFQ-04 Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker

Recommended For You

The best Bluetooth Portable speakers are definitely great and will help you in many ways regarding your urge to listen to music. However, you must take in all consequences regarding the usage of it and you must not blame the manufacturer or any other person if ever you have chosen the wrong speaker provider.

What Makes A Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The popularity of portable speakers today emerged into its peak that’s why, more and more kinds of portable speakers also arise. You can choose any brand or any manufacturer of a speaker; however, not all of them can give you total satisfaction. Because most manufacturers know how important portable speakers are, they use it as an opportunity to earn and generate sales even for a short time. They do release Bluetooth portable speakers that are not that good and satisfying to use but all in highly respectable appearance and they will say that these are the best Bluetooth speakers. Thus, you must be aware of it.

You have to be certain that a specific portable speaker is good and reliable. To do this, you must have criteria and you may use some of the following as a guide tochoose only the best portable Bluetooth speakers:

  • It last longer hours.
    The best portable speakers will last a minimum of 6 hours or higher hours at maximum. You must test this out before buying one or you may also have these tested after buying one.
  • Has a manual that is easy to read.
    All devices must have a manual, so with the best portable Bluetooth speakers. It must have an easy to read and understand manual that could address most of your concerns regarding the usage of your portable device.
  • Easy Compatibility
    The best Bluetooth speakers must be easy to pair with other Bluetooth devices since it is one of the major reasons why you want to have the best portable Bluetooth speakers.
  • Good Sound Quality
    When tested, it must produce a good sound that can be adjusted to specific volumes without having any distortions. Most portable speakers are just good when they are on low volume but cannot withstand high volumes. The best portable Bluetooth speakers can withstand all of these.

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  • Have Wonderful Positive Reviews
    You can seek first for the reviews available for the media to know what the best portable Bluetooth speakers are and how consistent it is. You can easily generate and weigh things out if you have the help of other people before firmly deciding what to buy.
  • Reliability of the Manufacturer
    The manufacturer of a certain portable Bluetooth speaker must be reliable and has already established a good name in the industry. It must have released other products that are patronized mostly of the buyers and you have to assess if the other products are of high quality because definitely, its portable speakers are also made up with good quality.

WhyYou Need To Buy Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

If you are fond of playing music mostly at high volumes and you cannot find earphones as satisfactory, you may try to use Bluetooth portable speakers. These speakers are a handy way to bring speakers anywhere you want especially when you are traveling or going outside your house. Here are some advantages of using Bluetooth speakers:

  • It adds convenience
    Outdoor Bluetooth speakers are totally handy. It does not make use of those messy wires that are highly prone to breakage. Besides, you will also have a hard time finding for outlets if you will be using wired speakers. These portable speakers are easy to carry during special occasions wherein you need to have a reliable music speaker that does not need to be plugged and can last for hours. Phones can also do this but they sound not great, unlike real speakers. Portable speakers serve best outside small party gatherings and stuff.
  • It sounds better
    Innate speakers for mobiles like the Bluetooth speakers for iPhone and any other music media are not too reliable in terms of the quality and loudness of music they provide. Thus, this paved way to the effectiveness of portable speakers. Outdoor Bluetooth speakers’ sound best as it enhances the volume and quality of your media music players.
  • You can share music with friends and Easy To Pair
    The Bluetooth speakers are an unselfish way of sharing music with others unlike the use of headphones, wherein only two people are allowed to listen. Portable speakers can let you and your friends listen to a single music that all of you can share.
    The wireless Bluetooth speakers are usually compatible with all devices you can have. It has several ports that cater the differences of mobile devices and stuff so you can definitely make use of it anytime.

AT The End

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